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Date: March 1, 2005

Stephen Graham, 801.830.8418
Janice Graham, 801.830.8417

A boy falls to homosexuality, A mother turns to God, A family is changed forever.

SALT LAKE CITY - Janice Barrett Graham, award-winning freelance writer and co-author of Merrill Osmond's Let the Reason Be Love has a new book out called My Darling from the Lions (Tidal Wave Books, 2005). Told entirely through compelling journal entries, a mother's life-changing spiritual journey parallels her son's struggle with and success in overcoming pornography addiction and homosexual tendencies. Along with a saliently unmasked portrayal of LDS church and family culture, this true story refutes both the enabling view of "same gender attraction" and the "homophobic" attitude, leading us to rethink sociological trends. More importantly, it is a testament to the power of faith, the proximate possibility of change, and the reality of experiencing inner peace and spiritual growth whatever the nature of our personal challenges. By sharing her story Graham hopes to provide hope and help for families who wish to put these issues behind them, show there is a divine purpose for our trials, and testify to the power of basic principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

My Darling from the Lions has received glowing expert and celebrity endorsements. Says Dr. A. Dean Byrd, Clinical Professor, University of Utah School of Medicine, and author of Will Power is Not Enough, "The first reading of this book was quite intriguing-a young son's challenges became a family's journey. The second reading revealed the depth of soul-searching experiences, divine guidance for a mother and father as they retrieved a son who had been victimized by pornography, chat rooms, homosexuality, and peer abuse. The book provides hope for individuals and families-that change is possible." From Kieth Merrill, Academy Award winning film maker, and writer and director of Legacy and The Testaments. "It is uncommon to be allowed inside another's heart. The depth of intimate feeling in the authentic voice of My Darling From the Lions may disturb you, inspire you, frighten you, or give you courage, but it will not leave you unchanged. For parents of addicted children here is reason to take courage. For you ripped by the ragged thorns of homosexuality here is hope."

My Darling from the Lions ($11.95) is available through, by calling 801.830.8418, or at local bookstores.

Janice Barrett Graham is available for media interviews and speaking engagements.

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